The Future Of Fish

    The future of wild fish depends on innovation:

    Recent interview discussing Smart Catch and its role in the future of commercial fishing technologies.

    Game Changing Technologies

    State of the art technology that will help fishermen reduce catching the "wrong" fish and help to reverse the by-catch trend.

    Supports fisherman in seamlessly collecting relevant catch related data.

    Big Data Solutions

    Custom large-scale, multifaceted, information data repositories for enhancing collaboration at multiple scales supporting Precision Fishery Management.

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Smart Catch Technologies

Smart Catch is focused on producing innovative, cost-effective productivity products to help fishermen in both maximizing their return and significantly reducing wasteful 'by-catch'. Smart Catch is additionally producing technologies for the identification and removal of invasive fish species. All of Smart Catch's products enable the seamless collection of catch-related data and integrate with our custom multi-faceted data repositories - facilitating the collaboration between various scientists, policy makers, and environmentally concerned groups.

Smart Catch products couple state-of-the-art technologies with the knowledge amassed by generations of fishermen and are effective tools that support profitable and sustainable commercial fishing.