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DigiCatch monitoring system

14 Apr 2016

The DigiCatch system

The DigiCatch system

DigiCatch from US company SmartCatch is a real-time remotely controllable HD video, lighting and sensor system that gives the user eyes inside the net to virtually see in the dark in order to monitor the trawl.

With DigiCatch new levels of control can be taken over the fishing gear to help increase efficiency, avoid bycatch and optimise the harvest.

Benefits of using the DigiCatch system are:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced time in the water
  • Better net longevity
  • Better fostering of marine resources
  • Reduced bycatch
  • Easier regulation compliance

The HD camera and lights can be remotely rotated and high intensity lights are remotely dimmable. The system can operate in deep sea down to 500 fathoms.

According to Kenny Renertesen of Newport, Oregon, “With DigiCatch I can see inside my net and I know if my tow will be profitable in minutes instead of hours.”

SmartCatch was founded to positively impact the seafood industry by incorporating smart technologies in critical areas relating to fish including wild harvest, aquaculture and traceability. SmartCatch is developing seafood productivity products that integrate data flow and management analysis in a manner conducive to holistic real-time evaluation of sustainable practices and environmental quality.

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