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SmartCatch: Innovative Products for Sustainable Fishing

The DigiCatch was named a Gold winner for the
2016 Edison Awards. (Photo Credit: SmartCatch)

May 9, 2016

SmartCatch is an environmental and socially conscientious company focused on creating innovative products that support sustainable commercial fishing practices. They are focused on producing innovative, cost-effective productivity products to help fishermen maximize their profitability while significantly reducing their wasteful catching.

Sea Technology spoke with SmartCatch founder and CTO Rob Terry to discuss the sustainable seafood technology and innovative products they are developing.

How long has SmartCatch been in business? How did it start?
We’ve been in business for three-and-a-half years, and it started with the idea of developing sustainable seafood technology because of the ongoing problems fisherman have been having to manage the new compliance regulations.

Tell us about your sustainable seafood technology and the innovative products you are developing.
Our first product is DigiCatch. It’s a digital catch monitoring system comprised of real-time HD video camera that is remotely controllable so it can be located remotely, and it has a pair of high-intensity LEDs to track the camera movement so that there is always good lighting. The operator can optimize the image on camera by controlling light. We have three sensors built in for depth, salinity and temperature. They can record anything that transpires and archive any notes.

There will also be enhancements/upgrades for the products in the future. We are developing products to help fisherman to fish with all the compliance regulations and optimize their catch. This will help avoid wasting time and make catches efficient.

Your DigiCatch product was named the Gold Winner in the 2016 Edison Awards in the Sustainability Solutions category. How did that make you feel? What does that do for the company and the product receiving that recognition?
We feel really good about it. It’s good recognition, and we are still in the final stages of deploying the product so we’re looking for partners in order to get the product out there. This is really good exposure for us.

Do you see any challenges on the horizon?
There are many challenges letting people know about this product and what it can do for them. On the fishing side, it’s for them to be compliant and be able to be within fishing regulations. For them to know what’s going on inside their net with what they catch so they can avoid types of protected fish.

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