Digital Video and Monitoring


SmartCatch’s DigiCatch is part of the trawl-net suite of solutions. The DigiCatch Video monitoring system features a live video camera, lighting, cables, and sensors collecting data for analysis.

The System is designed to be simple to install and deploy. The product and cables are strong enough to work under the harshest conditions. The cables are installed to withstand the deep seas of the Aleutian Islands.

The live feed comes directly into the Wheel House giving the Captain and the Crew eyes in their net.

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Eyes in Your Net

  • Retrofits any Trawl Net

  • Camera and lights are remotely rotatable

  • High Intensity Lights (40,000 lumen remotely dimable)

  • Deep Sea Capable down to 5000 fathom

  • Easy to clamp on anywhere in the net

  • Onboard environmental sensors

  • Low Light Sensitive High definition Video



Monitor your catch

  • HD camera can be rotated

  • WiFi from the winch to the wheelhouse, no extra cables

  • Video recording and playback

  • Numerous video enhancement filters

  • Recording can be exported to a secure cloud account

  • Easy to operate, intuitive

Bundles Include:

  • Operating system

  • 3rd Wire Cable cost is length dependent

  • WiFi Cable Retrofit Kit

  • 3rd Wire Winch sold separately